Agile Project Management: What can it do for you?

Everyone uses terms such as agile, epics, scrums, story points, Kanban lean etc but what does it all really mean?

What does Agile mean for you as a TM1 Admin when you have a project to deliver and how can you use it right now to get the best result for your project?

How does it relate to delivering software? What does it mean to me and my business? How does that influence the collaboration, design, communication?

Well, it depends, every business is different and operates differently but what we will do is speak to:

  • What is Agile Project Management?
  • Why should you use it?
  • How does it typically work?
  • What are some variants to the standard approach?
  • What are some anti-patterns where it doesnt make sense?

Hopefully, this will generate a healthy and robust conversation and we hope to see you there!

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