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The buzz word xP&A might be new, but the concept has been around for a long time. xP&A can be used as a roadmap to help answer the key cross functional planning processes within an organization. Gartner changed the F in FP&A to an X to show that we are talking about just that – extended, cross functional planning and analysis.

So that’s great, but how do you now apply the principals of xP&A to your organisation?

How do you use Planning Analytics to engage the entire organisation in a process where the exercise is about the holistic planning exercise, rather than just creating a set of numbers?

What are the key steps to move from a single scenario, single annual plan to a multi scenario, regularly updated planning system?

How do you do all this in a manner that is less of a burden on the organisation than the current planning exercise?

Join Bill Primerano and John Vaughan as we discuss the impact of the move to xP&A for you.

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