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Modernising Planning Analytics

Modernising Planning Analytics

At Chartertech’s upcoming TM1 Breakfasts we’re crafting a morning that’s less about idle chatter and more about actionable insights. The events are on in Brisbane, Sydney, and Canberra.  

First, we’ll demystify the revolutionary shift Universal Reports or “Dynamic Quick Reports” is about to have on TM1, including how to move from a fixed-dimension cube to effectively use as many dimensions as you like in row and column dynamic reports. 

Sounds overwhelming? It isn’t.  

Next, we’ll journey into the cloud.  

TM1 is evolving, and we’ll show you how to transition from on-premises models to fully managed IBM cloud SaaS models. This is not an easy lift and shift, but we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll present a recent case study where we migrated a national brand to the cloud and what we learnt along the journey. 

Now, I know this might sound like a lot to digest in one morning…  

But rest assured, our intention is not to overwhelm but to enlighten. We will provide you with practical, transformative knowledge you can immediately apply to enhance your professional journey with TM1.