Security in TM1 is easy, yeah? You just add users and away you go? Right?

What about when you want some people to have access to a GL cube and a small group to have access to a Payroll cube. So now you need two groups – one each for GL and Payroll.

Then, within the GL cube, you have cost centres and you only want people who manage their cost centres to see their part of the business. Now we need a group for each cost centre.

We then add that some users have a read only license to TM1 and others have full write access. More groups.

Next, we have some cells in some cubes that, depending on a switch being set, the cells are either writable or not.

Finally, we move over to Planning Analytics Workspace and we need to setup users and groups there as well and they don’t integrate with the AD groups you used inside your model.

So it can get complex. Sometimes too complex.

During this Office Hours call Andrew Walker will go deep on security, covering off these issues and more.


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