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  • John

    27-Aug-21 at 1:57 pm
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    Afternoon Def,

    @Andrew might have some other ideas, but how about you keep doing what you are doing and add a few more steps:

    1. Map the new elements to a dummy target. That way they will successfully load, but obviously into a temporary target.
    2. Send an email from TM1 to someone responsible for mapping advising them of the problem and requesting they update ether mapping from the dummy added in step 1 to the correct target.
    3. Reprocess the text file after the mapping has been corrected.

    This is essentially the process we use with a large client, but we needed to add another step having the mapping entered into another text file that is swept by TM1. This was because the relevant person who is responsible for the mapping doesn’t have a TM1 licence.

    Would that work for you?