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  • Andrew

    22-Apr-21 at 10:11 am
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    Hi John,

    You could do this automatically. I guess it depends a bit on the way your code is currently written. From what I have read above you have a process that has a pCostCentre parameter and you run the process enter the Cost Centre and it creates the file and emails it. You then run it again for the next cost centre etc etc.

    What you could do here is have a Subset of the Cost Centres you need to process and use that as your Data Source. This process would then call your existing process passing the Cost Centre to the parameter so it is all automated.

    So on your Datasource tab you would have the subset defined for example

    “Instance:Cost Centre->CCList” (CCList is the subset)

    You would have 1 Variable such as vCC and this would be Type=String and Contents=Other

    Prolog does not have anything

    Metadata Tab would have code such as

    IF (ELLEV( ‘Cost Centre’, vCC ) = 0);
    ExecuteProcess( ‘eMail Cost Centre’, ‘pCostCentre’, vCC );

    If this does not make sense I would be happy to have a quick chat (via zoom or teams??) to discuss it further.